Patea Doubtful Sound

20 July 2020 - David Cary

I have spent the last week at Deep Cove with Permolat Southland and the Deep Cove Outdoor Education Trust putting in a new trapline, moving and checking traps.

Patea/Doubtful Sound

Thanks to Stanley, Alistair, Fleur, Gavin, Sally and John for an interesting and productive trip.

Conservation Work at Patea/Doubtful Sound

Some of us managed 2 nights in the forest on a packraftineering misson up Hall Arm. We heard male and female kiwi high up a side valley and saw dolphins and a lazy fur seal lolling about beneath the rock walls of the sound. Sea ice in a packraft is a first for me. The weather was clear, cold and dry. We didn’t see much sun in the deep forested valleys, but appeciated every minute we did get.

Packrafting on Patea/Doubtful Sound

I have come home with a mind full of new ideas and a mountain of accumulated work.