March Newsletter

19 March 2021 - David Cary

It has been busy summer. Thank you for your support.

Empty Packs has taken a giant leap forward. I have secured a large supply of 3D Spacer Mesh and HDPE Gridstop which I use for shoulder straps and waist belts. Ordering in small quantities from overseas is expensive and unreliable.

I also have a supply of X-Pac VX07, currently only in white, but in mid April I am expecting red, blue and off-white. I intend to use VX07 for colour accents and roll tops. It can also be used to make super ultralight packs for the extremely weight conscious.

Highly abrasion resistant X-Pac VX21 Cire, VX42 for heavy duty applications, and Liteskin LS07 for weight saving, continue to be available. As does X-Pac V15 in Bahama Blue, Amber, Forest Green and Cammo.

There have been some changes to the Empty Packs web-shop, I have added a full suite of colour and style options. I will always be available by email, but most people should be able to build the pack they want using the selection boxes available after clicking the Buy Now button.

The dependable, light weight, 45l Sandwich Pack is by far the most customisable option. My personal favorite, the generous 35l Empty Pack , will always be there for more weight conscious adventurers. Coming soon, yes it is still coming, is the 70l Packraftineer. I needed some new fabrics to make it the durable workhorse I intend it to be.

If you are ever in Te Anau please drop by, 38 Caswell Road, behind Powernet. Consider booking a cruise with my neighbors Cruise Milford, Milford Sound is fabulous in April, every booking helps our town and community.

Thanks again. David

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