Fabric In Detail

20 March 2021 - David Cary

Dimension Polyant, a German company, is my main fabric supplier, though the fabrics themselves are manufactured in the USA.

These are all very expensive high end fabrics, in my opinion they fall in the sweet spot in terms of weight and durability.

ItemContentConstructionFeaturesWeight (g/m2)Tear Strength Warp (N)Tear Strength Fill (N)Waterproof (bar)Abrasion (ASTM 3884)
X-Pac VX21 Cire60% Nylon, 40% PolyesterDWR, 210d Nylon, Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°, 0.25 mil polyester film, 50 denier polyester backingVX21 Cire features an additional face finishing process where in the abrasion resistance is greatly improved without any additonal weight penalty. Surface finish is slightly glossy for a unique look.203.4108.576.513.8+2000 cycles
X-Pac VX2160% Nylon, 40% PolyesterDWR, 210 denier Plain Weave Nylon face, 0.25 mil polyester film, Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°, 50 denier polyester taffeta backingVX21 is our most popular high-performance pack material. The combination of low stretch, waterproof construction and 210 denier face fabric provides an ideal balance of weight and durability.203.4108.576.513.8+500 cycles
Liteskin LS0753% Nylon, 47% PolyesterNon-Woven Polyester LiteSkin® Face, DP UvT top-coating, 70d Nylon Ripstop backingLS07 is our lightest waterproof, abrasion resistant pack fabric. Very thin and flexible, it is ideal for day hikes and long runs. An extra layer of backing fabric would be needed for holding bar-tacking and daisy-chain webbing.115.322.723.611.02000 cycles
X-Pac VX4270% Nylon, 30% PolyesterDWR, 420 denier Nylon face, Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°, 0.25 mil polyester film, 50 denier polyester taffeta backingVX42 is the best choice for high stress/abrasion areas in combination with lighter styles, or for entire applications requiring very rugged materials.284.8138.896.113.8+1700 cycles
X-Pac VX07 RS38% Nylon 62% PolyesterDWR, 70 denier, Ripstop Nylon face, Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°, 0.25 mil polyester film, 50 denier polyester taffeta backingHeavy weather spinnaker sailcloth technology is used in the VX07 to achieve light weight combined with very good tear resistance.162.756.549.813.8+500 cycles

X-Pac VX21 Cire and Liteskin LS07 X-Pac VX42 and White X-Pac VX07 Off-White, Navy Blue and Red VXS07

In addition I use X-Pac V15 but since it is custom made for a trade supplier I do not have any figures for it. The main difference with VX21 is that the face fabric is polyester not nylon which means it takes colour extremely well, and it does not have reinforcing X-PLY. It is similar to VX07 in terms of weight.

X-Pac V15 Colours

HDPE Gridstop is used for the front face of shoulder straps and waist belts because it holds a stitch well for its weight and is not prone to stretch due to the HDPE grid. The key to comfortable straps is an even distribution of weight, not more padding. I use 3D Spacer Mesh on the skin facing sides of shoulder straps and waist belts with 10mm or 3mm EVA foam padding.

210D HDPE Gridstop and 3D Spacer Mesh