25l Pack

220 gram, 25 litre, ultralight backpack for day hiking, ultralight hiking, tramping, thru hiking, fastpacking, climbing, trapping work, any 'fast and light' missions .

Be aware that my wait time at least 3 weeks, please buy anyway to secure a spot in line.

Average Build: $190

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A sturdy 25l backpack weighs 220g and is designed to carry around 6-9 kg, it has the same comfortable straps as a 35l.

Made in Te Anau from Dimension Polyant laminates, X-Pac VX21 with an anti-abrasion Cire coating for the base and front panel. Abrasion resistant and super light weight Liteskin LS07, X-Pac V15 or X-Pac VX07 for the side and back panels. Four way stretch lycra for the bottom pocket which opens against the small of the back. As far as possible components are sourced in New Zealand.

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Explore available fabrics in detail.

It is currently taking me 4 weeks weeks or less from order to get a new bag in the mail.

Options include:
  Colour and Fabric
  Strap Pockets
  Sternum Strap
  Waist Belt
  Roll Top: Closure
  Bottom Pocket

Note that the front of a pack is against your back when you wear it, the back of a pack is what a hiker following behind you will see.

If you have any questions, please email.

Postage within NZ is $15.5 per order by NZ Post.

Postage outside of NZ ranges from $35 to Australia, $65 to Europe, $65 to Canada and $75 to USA.

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