New Shopify Shop

I started out as Empty Packs in July 2020 with a Jekyll static website.  The Snipcart shop went live on 14 September 2020.

In the winter of 2021 I was informed that the word 'Empty' associated with bags is owned by the Voyager Group. On 22 June 2021 Empty Packs became Fiordland Packs, a huge blessing in disguise.

I took the opportunity to rebuild the site as a Hugo static site, with the same Snipcart store, hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

Fiordland Packs has exploded, selling at least 150 packs so far. This summer has been busy. Thanks a million for your support.

Snipcart recently changed hands and I am now getting frequent complaints from customers who find their orders being dropped, cards remaining uncharged. 

I have a big plans for Fiordland Packs over the next year. My somewhat seat of the pants operation needs to become more professional and easier to deal with so that it can scale to something bigger than the one man operation I currently run.

This Shopify shop is the next step in the growth of Fiordland Packs. 

Unfortunately the many blog posts from the old site can't be imported in bulk into this new blog, so here we start anew. You can visit the old site and blog here. [I have deleted the old site 26/11/22]

Thank you for everything.  David

David Cary


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