Pack Builder

The pack builder is how I am specifying my packs now, if you need help contact me.

If you buy a pack through shopify you will need to fill out a pack builder form.

You can simply submit a form, if you have not paid already I will invoice you the following morning through MYOB, price is the same as online.

Simpler items such as pouches, waist bags, shoulder bags and Zoleo's are available straight off shopify, or by contacting me direct.

25l Strong Pack Builder

35l Pack Builder 

45l Pack Builder 

55l Pack Builder 

65l Pack Builder 

100% of my pack orders involve long email conversations, which is great, but it gets really hard in the summer when things get busy and my wait list is a month or more. I have to go back and trawl through a 20 email conversation.

When you submit a pack builder form it lands in my email, and is available in an app. Every morning my first job is to check new submissions, to reply by email, and send an invoice using MYOB if payment has not already been received through shopify.

I am trying to get set up to employ staff. Using a forms app we can work through the time stamped list pack by pack, all the information is in one place, and the order form is not limited by the online shop software.

About three in four orders are direct, so this way all my pack orders are in one place.

I won't be running a production line (soul destroying), so it will be one person to each order, including all the email or calling that happens when we make your pack. At the moment its just me.

It is a little different, but simple and hopefully streamlined.

Look forward to making your pack soon.