Survey Results


Last week, after Waitangi Day 2024 the fast Fiordland Packs survey opened…

Thanks for a great response. 68 responses to date (24 March 2024).

The fast FP survey will always stay open, you can have your say anytime.

I plan on updating the results on this page from time to time.

Here are the 2024 FP survey results at 24 march 2024.

How often

How often do you use a backpack? Most of my survey respondents use a pack weekly or monthly, which pretty much exactly matches my own backpack use.


Where do you use your pack most? Fiordland Packs customers use their packs on the more challenging end of the tramping spectrum, and in town too.


What kind of load do you carry? We are all carrying the same stuff on our big adventures. Probably trip length is the most important influence on pack weight.

Most used

What is your all time most used backpack? No surprises here, most of us have a battered old Macpac in the picture somewhere. Mine is a NZ made Ascent, it went everywhere.


Some people shared the volume of their most used pack. I think 30-60l covers most, many people will have 2 packs in this range.

Important features

What is most important in a backpack? I read every response to this question but for the purposes of this graph used GPT3.5 turbo to summarise responses. I then consolidated many of the categories by hand, trying to preserve intent as far as possible. Comfort is first, durability and weight follow.