November Newsletter

Good morning tramping people.

Welcome to summer

Pomona Island

I was part of the team checking traps on Pomona Island this week.

Tamatea Dusky Sound

I am just back from a fabulous trip to Dusky Sound checking traps for the Pure Salt Conservation Team

September Fiordland Packs Newsletter

Hello kind people.

It has been a year on this journey. Thanks for your support through the ups and downs of starting a new business. For a long time it did not seem to be happening and the change from Empty Packs to Fiordland Packs was a fairly bleak time.

August Fiordland Packs Newsletter

Thanks for your support of Fiordland Packs over the last 2 very busy months, I have been flat out making packs until the start of lockdown last week. It is a lot of fun. So far I have managed to keep the wait time under 2 weeks.

June Empty Packs Newsletter

Thanks for all your kind support over the last 11 months. I am making some really good packs and I love every minute I spend at work.

Homer Gertrude

The weather has been fabulous the last few days, I shot up to Homer Hut on Friday evening to do the winter trap check with Stanley and Belinda.

Pomona Island

Today we, a team of 12, have been checking and rebaiting DOC200’s on Pomona Island in Lake Manapouri.

Mamaku Indian Island

I am just back from a wonderful conservation trip with the Southern Conservation Volunteers Network and Pure Salt to Dusky Sound

Notes: Te Anau Cam Speedy Talk

“80% of predator encounters with a trap result in no interaction whatsoever.”

Bowen Valley Trap Location Checking

On Saturday the 15th the weather was good for this time of the year, I went up the Bowen Valley to check and update track locations on the NZAC trap line.

Pomona Island Trap Checking

Thanks to the kindness of the Pomona Island Charitable Trust I spent yesterday on Pomona Island

April Empty Packs Newsletter

Today, after months of waiting, I recieved an order of fabric from the NZ agents of Dimension Polyant.

Cascade-Shotover Saddles

I have just taken a 35 litre Empty Pack on a very challenging circuit starting and ending at Rasberry Flat Car Park in the Matukituki Valley.

Lake Orbell

On Sunday I was extremely lucky to get a place on DoC Fiordland’s annual Lake Orbell trip

Fabric In Detail

Dimension Polyant, a German company, is my main fabric supplier, though the fabrics themselves are manufactured in the USA.

March Newsletter

It has been busy summer. Thank you for your support.

Wills - West Hunter - Landsbourough

I did this demanding trip with a very experienced climber. We covered a lot of very steep country and had a fine old time navigating a descent through the endless forest.

Doubtful Sound Conservation Trip

The last 5 days I have been away from the sewing machine volunteering at Doubtful Sound.

Homer Conservation Trip

I stayed at Homer Hut for a couple of days and checked the Alpine Club rat/stoat traps with Simon and the Fiordland Tramping Club

A Short Walk In the Kepler Mountains

Between the 9th and 14th of January I went on a trip up the Iris Burn Valley and back to Te Anau by the tops.

South Fiord of Lake Te Anau

The last 2 weeks has been difficult, I deceded to use the first good day since Christmas for a quick solo kayak mission up the South Fiord of Lake Te Anau.

The Tin Range

On Saturday the 5th of December I headed off to Stewart Island with 4 friends.

Homer Gertrude Conservation Trip

I am just back from a trip to the Homer Saddle and Gertrude Valley to check the Alpine Clubs DOC200 and Trapinator traps.

Introducing the Packraftineer Pack

Today I finished my first 70l Packraftineer Pack. I have been working on the pattern for months and to finally put one together is exciting.

Precip Like Rain Pants

This morning I took a short break from sewing packs and dry bags to make a pair of rain pants for myself.

The Wild Podcast

I had a talk with Jonny on The Wild Podcast

Kepler In A Day Again!

Monday and Tuesday this week were forecast to be splendid mild early summer days. Finding myself not over busy and feeling antsy I had planned on a quick trip up Mt. Titiroa.

Flying Visit to Sammy Stoat

A group of us fund raised to buy Sammy Stoat, resident near the top of Lake Alabaster, a PLB and heavy duty down jacket.

Doubtful Sound Conservation Trip With Side Adventure

I have just returned from a trip to Deep Cove to check traps for the Deep Cove Education Trust and Permolat Southland.

Testing the Nothing Pack

Today is the only day in a long stretch with low likelihood of rain and somewhat reasonable weather.

25l Tuke Daypack

Yesterday afternoon I got some elastic and webbing from my supplier, which allowed me to sew up my new 25l Tuke daypack.

New Stuff

Today I made my first waist bag out X-Pac VX21 Cire and Liteskin LS07, using up odd bits between pack cuts.

Web Shop Now Live

Its been quite a journey so far, the web shop is finaly live.

Landsborough Track Cutting and Bikepacking Trip

I needed to be at the Pleasant Flat bridge on Sunday at 2:30 pm where the track up the Landsbourough Valley starts. With ants in my pants, stressed and overdue for a trip, I decided to bike there.

Fitted Dyneema Drybag

Today I finalised my drybag pattern. Made from 1.43 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric it weighs in at 43g.

Introducing X-Pac VX21 Cire

I got a shipment of fabric this week. This is my first Empty Pack made with VX21 Cire

Dusky Track Guide

For an experienced tramper the Dusky Track is easily the best track in New Zealand, it has everything and mud.

Pyke Loop Packrafting Guide

The Pyke Loop is one of New Zealand’s best packrafting trips.

Greenstone Caples Track Guide

The Greenstone and Caples Valleys can be linked into a loop of approximately 4 days

Hollyford Track Guide

The Hollyford Road was severely damaged in the February 2020 floods, it is now open to vehicles to within 3 km of the road end.

Kepler Track Guide

The 60 kilometer Kepler Track is New Zealand’s most convenient tramping track, it starts and ends at the Lake Te Anau Control Gates 5 kilometers from Te Anau.

Milford Track Guide

The “finest walk in the world” starts at Glade Wharf at the head of Lake Te Anau, follows the West Branch of the Clinton River to Mintaro Hut, ascends Mackinnon Pass and descends the Arthur River to Sandfly Point at Milford Sound.

Routeburn Track Guide

The 32km Routeburn Track is classified as a Great Walk from the end of October to the beginning of May.

Early Spring Kepler Fast Pack

The weather promised to be good for the weekend and there is not currently much snow on the peaks.

Olivine Hut Clean Up

On Saturday I took off for a planned 5 day trip for a desperately needed tidy up of Olivine Hut.

Waist Bag

For the winter I have been working on a light packable swim bag for the long packraftineering trips I am so fond of.

Hiking Quilt

I spent Sunday making a standard RayWay quilt for myself.

Kakapo Catch Bags

Kakapo Rescue need new catch bags for the coming season, so I made 6 out of camo canvas.

Patea Doubtful Sound

I have spent the last week at Deep Cove with Permolat Southland and the Deep Cove Outdoor Education Trust putting in a new trapline, moving and checking traps.